Friday, March 13, 2009

Three great movies

Gran Torino is such a fantastic film. It is masterful in it's approach to how it requires real human interaction to break down racial and cultural stereotypes and the way that it ends is more powerful than any other I could conceive of...that's Clint singing while the credits are rolling too!

Taken is one of those movies that is so real, and ugly, yet has so much goodness in it also. I loved how Liam Neeson did not have to rely on future world gadgetry to accomplish his task. It made me think of how all these innocuous devices have upsides and downsides. On the one hand, he makes use of the technology to try to track his daughter's captors. On the other side of the coin is that the greatest invasion of privacy in our lives will come from our being candidly captured on digital cameras and video recorders then posted on the internet.

Slumdog Millionaire. Rarely is something that is hyped with so much praise in the media worthy of it. This film is. Complex, deep, raw, and you will see a side of India that they left out from those HD Theatre travel programs. And of course there is Freida Pinto who plays Latika who is very easy on the eyes.

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