Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Existed Before The Universe?

These mind-bending questions have been entering my head a lot recently, which is probably an indicator that I need a job. Ok, so if Astronomers, Physicists, Genesis and the Pope all agree that there was a beginning to our universe, a common question is "If God created the universe, who created God?". Gerald Schroeder offers the following to think about - Let's assume that there was not a Creator to the universe. In order for the chemical reactions to occur at the time of the big bang, there must have been laws of nature like quantum mechanics, gravity, and the conservation of energy to enable those reactions to occur. So who created those laws? It is in effect the exact same question about who created God. If the laws are eternal, then why did they exist? Laws with no time, matter or energy to act upon? Purposeless laws? So either way, whether you believe in a Creator or not, there are lots of unanswered questions. Stephen Hawking says we should just forget about talking about them, because the big bang is a singularity, and that means that nothing can be studied before it. It is the beginning of time, matter, and energy.

Yeah...I need a job.

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